Double the poop, double the fur, DOUBLE THE LOVE!!


On April 1st. 2018, our entire life changed. This may sound dramatic (and probably is), but that’s certainly how it felt when we brought our eight-week-old puppy home. Becoming a fur-parent has taught me a lot about myself so I figured I’d share some of those things with you guys.  

I am Selfish.

Having a tiny, helpless thing relying on me for its every need really hit home. Pre-Gunner, I left the house as I pleased and to be completely honest, those early weeks of parenting a puppy were so intense. The nights killed me and I felt like a total zombie, walking him every hour or so and pleading with him to pee. But it ultimately felt really good to give up some of that freedom for something I love so much. I got some of it back after he mastered house training (see, still a little selfish)
Your Bank Account Will Cry
It helps a ton to have some money saved for this whole shebang. Not only are you going to vet appointments every month during those first four to six months, but puppies just blow through your bank account with the things they need. Not to mention the added travel cost of finding family/friends/dog watchers to pet sit when you’re gone.
Moral of the story: Be prepared financially and you will feel way less overwhelmed.
Bonus: you may end up with a dog who prefers to play with actual trash over store-bought toys so you’ll save money in that department. (Yes, Gunners favorite toys include empty water bottles, socks and sticks.)
Say Goodbye To Nice Things
You know how people are usually picky about keeping their place clean? I am in the latter category, almost to a neurotic extent. I’m like a psychotic, tidy little elf (ask Trevor) While I like things extremely tidy, ask me the last time I gave our fridge a truly good cleaning? (Hint: it’s been a while)

Having a pet threw that all in the garbage and lit it on fire. From muddy paws, dog hair, chewed furniture, and toys scattered everywhere —it is a true lesson in letting go. But out of all the things I mentioned above that rocked my free-spirited-yet-oddly-organized little world, they are all worth it when I look at Gunner’s. It’s also the most incredible thing to see how much he loves us back.

Oh one last thing:  Pick a name that you’re proud to say to the 19 people that stop you on your walk to pet the tiny puppy, and also make sure you’ll love to say multiple times an hour when you’re trying to demand your shoe back.


Check out Gunner’s new Instagram page – @chocolate_chunk_gunner