January 28th 2019

I finally, officially, have my bridesmaids! With that being said, I wanted to show how much they mean to me, as well as, how excited I am to have them be apart of our big day! I wanted the boxes to be pretty and give them a glimpse into the overall theme of our wedding.

I scoured Pinterest for hours looking for the cutest boxes, mugs, t-shirts etc. I decided to throw Pinterest out and create something on my own.

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A simple gift can go a long way.

These boxes brought tears to my girls’ eyes and it was so precious asking them to be apart of our wedding day. So, here’s a quick look into how I put my DIY bridesmaid proposal together!

I picked up all the crafting materials (boxes, crafting ribbon, stickers and small eucalyptus’s) from my local Micheal’s. I made sure to stick with the same colour palette as our wedding (white, gold & greenery). The boxes were very budget friendly – all the supplies listed above were under $100!

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Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Each maid was given a card that read – plan with me, stand with me, cry with me, laugh with me. As well as a compact mirror. The compact mirrors are from a Canadian website –  and I ordered the cards from etsy.

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I absolutely love how the boxes turned out!! What do you think? would you say yes? How did you ask your bridesmaids? – Leave your comments below.

Meet the girls who are making my “I do” board on Pinterest come to life!

Kayla – Maid Of Honour

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Jill – Maid Of Honour

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Marissa – Bridesmaid

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Kristina – Bridesmaid

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Courtney – Bridesmaid

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Emily – Bridesmaid

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I love all these girls and I can’t wait to have them stand by my side as I marry the love of my life!

Double the poop, double the fur, DOUBLE THE LOVE!!


On April 1st. 2018, our entire life changed. This may sound dramatic (and probably is), but that’s certainly how it felt when we brought our eight-week-old puppy home. Becoming a fur-parent has taught me a lot about myself so I figured I’d share some of those things with you guys.  

I am Selfish.

Having a tiny, helpless thing relying on me for its every need really hit home. Pre-Gunner, I left the house as I pleased and to be completely honest, those early weeks of parenting a puppy were so intense. The nights killed me and I felt like a total zombie, walking him every hour or so and pleading with him to pee. But it ultimately felt really good to give up some of that freedom for something I love so much. I got some of it back after he mastered house training (see, still a little selfish)
Your Bank Account Will Cry
It helps a ton to have some money saved for this whole shebang. Not only are you going to vet appointments every month during those first four to six months, but puppies just blow through your bank account with the things they need. Not to mention the added travel cost of finding family/friends/dog watchers to pet sit when you’re gone.
Moral of the story: Be prepared financially and you will feel way less overwhelmed.
Bonus: you may end up with a dog who prefers to play with actual trash over store-bought toys so you’ll save money in that department. (Yes, Gunners favorite toys include empty water bottles, socks and sticks.)
Say Goodbye To Nice Things
You know how people are usually picky about keeping their place clean? I am in the latter category, almost to a neurotic extent. I’m like a psychotic, tidy little elf (ask Trevor) While I like things extremely tidy, ask me the last time I gave our fridge a truly good cleaning? (Hint: it’s been a while)

Having a pet threw that all in the garbage and lit it on fire. From muddy paws, dog hair, chewed furniture, and toys scattered everywhere —it is a true lesson in letting go. But out of all the things I mentioned above that rocked my free-spirited-yet-oddly-organized little world, they are all worth it when I look at Gunner’s. It’s also the most incredible thing to see how much he loves us back.

Oh one last thing:  Pick a name that you’re proud to say to the 19 people that stop you on your walk to pet the tiny puppy, and also make sure you’ll love to say multiple times an hour when you’re trying to demand your shoe back.


Check out Gunner’s new Instagram page – @chocolate_chunk_gunner


Stay Cozy. …

Stay Cozy: Ways I Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

  • As the darker winter days approach, it’s natural to feel a bit glummy at the thought of the lack of brightness, cold grey weather and dark mornings/evenings. Below is a list of tricks I use to face that seasonal gloominess.

 Become A Book Worm

  • Reading books curled up in your bed is the perfect activity to bring you a sense of wellbeing. Try to create a reading list and see how many books you can get through or join a book club.

Reach Out To Friends/Family

  • Social interactions on a small and cosy scale are so beneficial. I tend to “hibernate” in the cold winter months, so I make the time to socialise with my friends. However there’s no fancy dinner parties to be seen, our get together’s are simply filled with coffee, yummy snacks and lots of laughs.- Just what every soul needs.

 Get Busy In The Kitchen

  • Taking a full afternoon to gently cook or bake something is very helpful. Cooking can be so relaxing and nourishing. Try to look up some slow cooker recipes or even try making some delicious homemade bread with chili.

Sip Away

  • I am a big believer that a warm cup of coffee is good for the soul! If you’re not a coffee fan then go for another warm drink.

 Snuggle Up

  • Socks, jumpers, hats and scarves .. go wild my friend! Or simply treat yourself to some new cushions and a cozy blanket.

Start New Tradition With Friends/Family

  • Another way to foster that social connection is by creating traditions. It might be inviting your circle of friends to a monthly board games night. Just do something that will bring you and your friends/family closer together to create lasting memories.

Connect With Nature

  • When we are close to nature we are less distracted with technology and are usually in a more mindful and relaxed state.

Schedule A Craft Date

  • Again, in the spirit of developing closer connections with people, why not plan a craft date with some friends? This would be perfect closer to Christmas as you could watch Christmas movies while drinking mulled wine and making cards and or wreaths.

Make Your Exercise Cosy

  • Instead of working out in a gym make your exercise more cosy by doing yoga or Pilates indoors in gentle lighting.

Technology Free Hours

  • Sitting on your phones or laptops does nothing for togetherness, so why not try setting some times when you’re family agree to put away ALL technology?

Use Scents To Your Advantage

  • I love some of the smells associated with this time of year, cinnamon and vanilla  are definitely my favourite but this aromatherapy candle in the scent “Comfort” is hands down my go to candle. Shot out to my younger sister for bringing this candle into my life. (From Bath & Body Works). Try using Essential oils in a diffuser, it will not only make your home smell amazing and increase the cosiness factor but they will relax you and improve your mood.


Many of these things may feel a little trivial when it comes to facing seasonal gloominess. At the heart of all of the above suggestions are taking joy in simple pleasures, being in nature, connection with loved ones and gratitude. Those are all powerful things and can make a huge difference to how you feel.




Exploring Prince Edward County

July 29th, 2017

Every weekend Trevor and I try our best to discover a new town/restaurant/island etc. On July 29th we decided to visit the beautiful Prince Edward County.

From Bloomfield to downtown Picton there’s a ton of charming little shops. Although most shops are a tab on the pricy side, there’s something for everyone’s price range.

Luna Boutique was hands down my favourite little find on our weekend adventure. The outfits and décor in the little boutique were to die for.

Make sure to check them out on instagram and/or Online.

The Guide For Prince Edward County –




Vegas, Baby

   April 1st, 2017

I would like to start this blog off by saying a HUGE thank you to Jake & Susan for giving Trevor and myself this all inclusive trip (+ some shopping sprees). We are beyond thankful!

(This blog is short and sweet. I planned on taking more photos, but once we arrived I decided to relax, put the camera down and take every second of the vacation in)


After spending months under cold, grey skies it was refreshing to see some sunshine in Las Vegas. We stayed at the Ceasers Palace. It was absolutely breathtaking. We loved the sprawling casino floor and the hundreds of designer outlets found at the Forum Shops.


We went to one show during our visit to “Sin City”. Rod Stewart. Susan is his number one fan. I believe she’s on her 57th concert and now I know why.. he was amazing.

We also made sure to check out the The Fountains at The Bellagio. The water show was magnificent! Highly recommend putting this on your “To Do” list.



Apart from playing slots and lunging by the pool soaking up the sun we spent our time in the city along the Strip checking out all the hotels. Every night we went back to our hotel with aching feet from all the walking. Word of advice to anyone planning a visit: bring a pair of runners and or comfy flip flops. You will need them.


Our last night in Vegas Trevor and I went out for dinner just the two of us and explored the strip some more. We ran into some of the guys from the bachelorette (JoJo season) James Taylor, Robby Hayes, Wells Adams, and Luke Pell.


I didn’t want our vacation to end but the week flew by and just like that our bags were packed and we were heading home.


Until next time Vegas.



The Proposal

September 29th 2016

        The day started like any other day. Woke up, made a coffee and surfed through my social media apps. It was a Thursday, that meant we had “Date Night”. Before Trevor left for work he explained to me that this Thursday was a special “Date Night”. He wouldn’t give me any hints as to why, but proceeded to tell me he booked a hair appointment for me that afternoon.

Around 6pm Trevor and I were on our way to the movies. Much to my surprise Trevor handed me a blind fold and told me not to peek. A million and one things were running through my mind.

After 30 minutes of being blind folded, the truck was put in park. I was dying to see where we were. Trevor made his way over to the passenger door – grabbed my hand and slowly lead me through a field.

I think I asked him 500 questions before we came to a stop. I was then able to take the blind fold off. This is what I saw…


He hung pictures of him and I on trees and outlined a path of rocks for us to follow. Each picture he would tell me something he loved about that moment or about me.

(Growing up most of my time was spent in these trees. From building forts to pretending to be Pocahontas. It was my all-time favourite place.)

I was lost for words and smiling from ear to ear.


At the end of the trail there was an opening with a blanket covering a hayball. Trevor then slowly sat me down and asked me if I would spend forever with him.


You can ask anyone.. I’m not much of a crier. But with tears in my eyes I said yes!


Trevor completes me. He’s always making sure I have a smile on my face. He’s the most caring human being you will ever come across. He accepts my flaws while making me feel secure and protected. He’s my best friend/person. I couldn’t imagine my life without him.


-Trevor asked both my mom and dad for my hand in marriage. I also found out the hair appointment was to make sure my hair was “On point” for the pictures. (He knows me too well)  

-While the proposal was happening, my mom was able to capture a beautiful rainbow that appeared in the sky in front of us.

-Huge shout-out to my little sister Kayla for taking such beautiful pictures of the proposal!